Our favourites – Toys and tools

The mini trampoline…a MUST!!!  We had the Little Tikes one at one point and I miss it…but in our new home a mini is the only one we can accommodate.  No problem he LOVES it!  Uses it at least 3 times a day.






Lately, it’s a fight between Thomas and Planes Fire and Rescue.  If Planes wins, it’s AC/DC Thunderstruck and Blade Ranger soaring through the sky…


Discovered a GREAT product to be a portable spinner!  It’s marketed for elderly to offer help getting out of a vehicle.  It turns right around and can be sat on any chair or mini trampoline as we tried and loved!  It supports up to 300 pounds too!  At $25 it’s a steal in my opinion!  My daughter loves it on the floor and I love it on our little stool.  Spins really fast and smooth.  I’ll definitely get one for Maxim’s school as I just know the kids there will love it!



For snacking, this has been one of our MAIN tools!  Lasts a LONG time with gentle hand washing of fabric and paper towel pressed on both sides to dry.  I stick the bottom in the dishwasher or hand wash.  WORTH the price.  We finally got them in a local store and if you don’t see them anywhere I would highly recommend introducing it to one that could get them in for you!  The soft fabric never ever allows anything to fall out when dropped, or thrown!  Not to mention it’s gentle and kind to super sensitive hands!





No favourites list is complete without the rings that started it all hahha



This may look “girly” but I knew Max would love the light switch and the button that starts the songs, along with a sweet happy face!  It’s his bedtime fave!!!  His Daddy does all these “maneuvers” with it…it’s a pilot thing I think.  I sing along with the songs and he’s one happy boy!




I got mine at Target, definitely worth $25!

Of course I must give a shout out to PECS!  It’s what Max learned to use to be able to tell us what he wanted.  At this point he rarely uses his book to ask for things at home but if I need to know what he wants to eat, I can put out some options and quickly find out!  LOVE THAT!  I’ll add his iPad app as well.  I was very lucky to be able to take the level 1 pecs course that was offered where I used to live.

i want pecs training - purple copy



On the mini iPad we have installed Proloquo2go.  I started with 2 other apps that I put a lot of time into.  One no longer available (huge blow after all the work of personalizing) and one just didn’t have the ease of use of this one.  If you are able I would definitely get this one from day one.  I have lost count of how much money I have spent on every different AAC app trying to find one that worked great and Max liked.



Here’s just one option for the ever popular Thomas Trackmaster sets!  Shop around as you can get some great deals!  Often my best finds are the fisher price store.  This one is Walmart but there’s Toysrus.ca, Amazon.ca, Target, and Sears.ca.  Winners is getting more and more random thomas things too!  I’ll try to post any SUPER big Thomas deals as it’s truly my son’s world!



This is the bubble set that prompted our son to “travel” and use his first pecs card with his mommy to ask for bubbles!!!  Will never forget that beautiful moment!!  This one on Amazon is way overpriced obviously so never pay that much.  But the no spill buckets can be found in many stores at about $5-$10




The egg chair~  just get one…you can spin..you can hide…it’s AMAZING!!!  Max is on his second as the first was a lucky purchase found used and after hours of spinning conked out..MANY HOURS heheh.  ikea-ps-lomsk-swivel-chair-blue__0205080_PE360076_S4


One of the BEST toys we ever had for Max.  He started out learning PECS with this amazing ball toy.  It stays together really well.  Combine the spinning, rolling, dropping balls with different colours and I can honestly say it is STILL used daily!  Highly recommend!



The BEST videos!!  They are so simple but kids love watching the toys.  It was one I had to be there to imitate while the ladies did their faces and letter sounds.  Lots of fun!  We had the set and we loved all of them!








Max is a chewer!  He has gone through SO many cups …just the straws.  The hard ones turn out flat, the soft are bit apart.  This little bear cup is the only one with a straw that cannot be bit through!  LOVE THEM!!





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