Nice Noodles

Put some pasta in a pot
Fill it with water
Crank up the heat
Walk away

When it boils over
Think wow, what a disappointing noodle.

Such a sad mistake.

For you.

For the noodle.
Watch the pot
Was the water too high?
The heat too hot?
Maybe it would have liked a lil stirring?
Sometimes lifting the lid takes the pressure off.
Sometimes I say hey how ya doin?
Ready to come out?
Sometimes it’s clear
Sometimes not,
But I watch and I stir ..I even slide in a lil butter..brings comfort I’ve noticed.
If I put a defenceless noodle into hot water
I can’t expect it to tell me when to get it out..
Or should I?
I can watch the signs
I can see from experience that my
Lil noodle can manage 7 min and no longer than that–when all the variables are routine–
I can respect my noodle and care for it and help it to be the best it can be.

Don’t put your noodles into hot water and get mad at them when they don’t turn out how u wanted.
They need your time,

Your care,

and sometimes a different pot.

Sometimes your noodle will not even care to get boiled at all!

in that case, choose a new path for your noodle..rewrite the world destiny for your personal noodle!
If u walk away
Ignoring the water boiling over the sides…
Or give up on them for not coming out of that boiling water and being up to your standards…
You are not making pasta,
You’re making a messūüćĚ



Mockingpant and Face Toupee


I’m going to start combing my hair right across my face every morning.

I’ll be jabbing a few strands right into my nostril, mouth or ear for good measure…

It is going to be there. Mocking me. If I create the illusion that I want it this way, maybe it will no longer find pleasure in sassing me. I’m going to be playing little mind games with these rogue hairs.

It’s that feeling, the delicate tickle, as a hair dances across my face. ¬†Getting itself stuck somewhere. ¬†NOOOOO!!! ¬† Where is it? ¬†Where is it coming from? How did it get here??
Even when my hair is in a ponytail, there will STILL be one or 2 little hairs that blow across my face…who sent them? Why are they so mobile?

I cannot endure this feeling for long. But I must keep cool. ¬†I can do this. ¬†I subtly toss my hair back, hoping to entice it back home. No. ¬†Oh no…it won’t go.

I must now begin grabbing and swiping ¬†my face trying to find the valiant pest. ¬†With my new idea of the facial comb over…somewhat pre toupee I’ll be set. I find myself wondering if this has been a problem for Sia? She looks great, this is the style I need.

As a cherry on this pretty sundae I’ll stuff my pant legs into my runners.

Look at me, striding across a parking lot like it’s some sort of catwalk. ¬†I catch a glimpse of the mocking pant stuck behind the tongue! WHAT? NO!! GET OUT OF THERE!! ¬†This is¬†absurd. ¬†I was having a small moment of super model, and now I’m shaken from this fairytale and thrown back out to flounder.

I bend down to yank it out…my hair falls desperately into my face…..

Please enjoy one of my favourite songs by Sia “Bird Set Free”