My light

You are my light.
You are my inspiration.
It is your face. Those shortbread cheeks.
Your heart. Your soul.

You make me believe
That all good things are possible

My love for you is bigger than any that I’ve known
It swirls around us like a cocoon
It rushes through us like water from a fall
Energy and power,
With so much calm and grace

It can hide pain
It can mask fear
It can wrap the darkest space in the warmest glow~
pure magical love

My love for you makes me tough when I’m weak
It makes me face things I want to

I’m with you.

You’re not alone.

I’m glad you’re here.

Lean on me.

You belong.

You are my light.

I believe,
The same way I still believe in Santa Clause
And fairytales
That good things can happen
That inspiration can spark a change
Ignite a dream
Show us the way
What if,
A busy world
Could stop,
For just a bit,
Trust and hope,
shape reality,
Guide the standard up,
To where we all belong,
To where we feel that who we are,
Is just right,
Just as
We are.


A Momma’s Love

For my dear friends who miss their mommas

I see you my child. Precious soul I miss too big to explain.
I’m here. I need you to know
I replay moments that we shared and ones I’ve dreamed
For you I’m just a scent and just a song away
For me you’re a whisper, a smile, a big step forward when you are afraid and tired. Yes. I see you being brave. Yes I’m there.
For you I live in stories that you read and remember how they were told to you while I held you in my arms.
There’s nothing like that safe warm dream of together.
I wish for it every second I’m still. I beg for it back when I’m worn out.When I don’t have anything left to hide all the stuff I keep underneath.

Mother’s Day will come and I’ll be there to help you hold that heavy feeling so it won’t weigh you down.   Everything will be alright.
You’ll find peace in a memory and laughter will soon follow
You’ll find peace knowing our souls are forever meant to be. Mommy and me.
My dearest angel
I’m right here
Just on the other side of the thinnest wall where you can still feel my presence. Still hear my laugh
Still feel your heart thumping when you see my eyes light up for you. A momma’s love who knows you through and through and treasures every bit. You didn’t lose that. It was and it is.

Once a momma loves a child it exists in a realm surpassing life and death. Long after we must part, it will wrap you up like a warm towel after a hot bath.

It will sing you to sleep.

It will wake you when the sky is so beautifully blue that you simply must not miss it.

Maybe you will enjoy your favourite thing under the sparkling sun or see the most delicious bloom under a peculiar tree or see a bird soar above this Wild world. Don’t worry my dear. Mom is right here.
I was on top of the world from the day I knew we would oneday be together . and I am still …. right here.  On top of the world. Watching over you each and every step of the way.

Keep on being brave lil one.
It matters~~
The tough parts are little bridges that we must trust and we must cross.
They don’t go on forever. They just get us to the good stuff.
I hope you do the things you love this Mother’s Day. Will you golf? Will you sit in the sun? Will you walk through the garden? Maybe you’ll bake a cake and drink a big cup of coffee with just the right milk and sugar. Make yourself smile cuz that’s the time I love the most. 🙂
Love you always, forever and still,