My light

You are my light.
You are my inspiration.
It is your face. Those shortbread cheeks.
Your heart. Your soul.

You make me believe
That all good things are possible

My love for you is bigger than any that I’ve known
It swirls around us like a cocoon
It rushes through us like water from a fall
Energy and power,
With so much calm and grace

It can hide pain
It can mask fear
It can wrap the darkest space in the warmest glow~
pure magical love

My love for you makes me tough when I’m weak
It makes me face things I want to

I’m with you.

You’re not alone.

I’m glad you’re here.

Lean on me.

You belong.

You are my light.

I believe,
The same way I still believe in Santa Clause
And fairytales
That good things can happen
That inspiration can spark a change
Ignite a dream
Show us the way
What if,
A busy world
Could stop,
For just a bit,
Trust and hope,
shape reality,
Guide the standard up,
To where we all belong,
To where we feel that who we are,
Is just right,
Just as
We are.


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