Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches I always begin the assessment

Am I doing enough?

Do I give enough?

Are my children happy?

Am I happy?


My kids laugh and have fun.

They are caring and creative.

They are kind to people and pets.

They get excited about certain daring new adventures,

They are cautious of others.

My kids are strong, brave, and determined.

When I’m low, they comfort me in ways they have seen me comfort them.

Or in ways they aren’t even aware.
There are things we are working on, like people do in this step by step life journey.
So good…

I have a list of good stuff,

all about them.

Maybe I’m doing a pretty good job!
But you know what?
It’s not because of me and me alone.  Ok clearly, but this needs to be said!


Moms offer a wide variety of knowledge and advice. Comfort and love.  We are each carrying our own bag of tricks that we have gathered from each of our unique stops along the way.  And from each of our own important people ,the good the bad and the indescribable.


But I cannot be this mom without…


Their dad who gives so much of himself at work and at home. Who sparks their determination and gives them the confidence to try. Who plans and navigates our adventures. Who has been found setting up intricate tracks and watching YouTube videos on how to create even more intricate loom bracelets. Yup that’s my husband.
Without their grandma who taught them to hold her hand and look both ways. Who takes them to the park.  Who gives them a happy place when the ups and downs of the day take their toll. Who has shown them how to bake bread who has let them make a mess cuz it’s ok to get messy. Who listens forever and watches performances forever who makes up stories and rubs their feet.
Without uncles and aunts who light up their days and leave such lasting impressions that years can pass, but the feeling of love and acceptance never does.  The whacky nicknames that will stick.  Forever.
Without their teachers who are, well, teachers. I cannot even begin to comprehend what it’s like to be a teacher these days. They are mothers and fathers to our children for a large portion of their lives. From learning basics to learning things I need to google to manners and friendships and the big exciting world.


Without their friends who offer new ways of thinking and seeing. Who perhaps force them to look at their beliefs and make it harder to choose what they have come to know as right. Who join them in their path as explorers of this big world of possibilities.  Who get silly and laugh with them into a full case of gigglitis.


Without my friends who have taught me about strength. Who have given me the strength to keep going when things were bleak. Who have heard my inner thoughts from the basements of those inner thoughts. Who have made me feel special. Who take time when they have none to remind me how much they care.
Without the bus driver who gave up a little more of his free time to let my son hop onto his big shiny bus.  There he was jumping and smiling as the bus approached. The kids got off and we assumed we would wave as it sped away. But that beautiful soul waved him in.
Without the busy waitress who showed interest and patience as we attempted to use an iPad to order. 🙂 He did. She took my sons order that he chose and communicated all by himself.
Without the music teacher who provided an amazingly warm and welcoming environment along with wildly encouraging guidance to my shy and sensitive lil singer. Creating a lasting love for all things musical.
Without the gymnastics coach who showed her how strong she is. And how thrilling it can be to push your limits and succeed.
I am a mother

Part of my job is to recognize and embrace our wide circle of pivotal people.

So hey everyone, “THANK YOU!!”

Never underestimate your role when you cross the path of a child!

Or of course, their mom.