If I were you….

If I were you I might not care,

About the creaking of that swivel chair.

I might not worry that the sun shines bright,

right in my eyes, the assault of light.


I might try new things, without much thought,

jump right in, give it all I’ve got.

I might not mind that rappy tappy,

As you drum the table oh so happy.



If I were you I’d take that ride,

That spins and speeds and terrifies.

I’d change my plans and answer calls.

Love the unexpected?  Sounds fun, but my skin CRAWLS!!


Why do you whisper, I just can’t take it.

Was that the doorbell? I might not make it.

Two events in just one day?

If I were you I might, but hey…

I’m me…


I am me, and here I be,

being me.

Understanding and acceptance

can set me free.






8 thoughts on “If I were you….

  1. its so enlightening to actually see all these feelings in words….No one really appreciates/hears/sees the frustration while they are spinning through their own confusion….Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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