My kids
So pure and charged with excitement for all the little joys in life
How precious a time
How I wish I could be their teacher —–some days–
To share in this epic journey
When a child starts to learn so much –about life–about themselves –about other people. About how they can make the world better for other people
Make sure their unique and fabulous self is treasured and celebrated
I wish their bright innocence
Wouldn’t have to fade as all this other “stuff” is learned
Protect the tiny glowing gems that keep them lit up inside
Don’t allow them to see any alterations to fit a “norm” as the way to go
Keep your rough edges
Keep your quirks
Showcase them
What if your unique talents and ideas
Could change the world
What if you dulled them down
To blend in
You will arrive at a place you don’t like
You will know your own unique choices
Would have led you a few steps over
Where life is free and fun
Charged with the electricity of being you
Guide them and help them discover any bits of knowledge they wish to pluck and unfold and alter and keep
Maybe we just need to remind them each day to be colourful
To find the fun, and to be a friend

Here’s to all the teachers out there
Putting their hearts and souls into
Cradling our babies
Wrapping them in kindness and courage
Stepping back to help them step off the first big step
Toward each incredible future
What a very big thing you do each day

Thank you teachers!!!


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