Why I’m lucky to have a child on the Autism spectrum

#1. I like routine…so does Max.  I’m easily overwhelmed, but I know what to do in the morning, afternoon, and night for Max.  It’s written in stone.  Every now and then it changes slightly.  Then it’s set for another year or so.

#2. I can’t think up cool things for school lunches like Pinterest moms…..Max doesn’t care.  He likes wieners, honeycombs, oatmeal raisin slimfast bars and strawberries~I’m fairly confident that a funky shaped, wrap, skewer, of out of the box leftovers would be met with much disappointment.

#3. Change is bad.  Max only needs 2 t-shirts.  One Thomas, one that says “I love Grandma” in juicy touchable letters or pictures.  Latest cartoon craze…want to make over his stuff?  NO.  Don’t bother.  That old blanket he knows and loves is the one he wants. New book?  No, just find his favourite that’s been torn to shreds on eBay and get that.  Get more than 1.  Bonus tip…have favourite toys on stand by in the back nether regions of your closet.  He will need them one day …so will you.  In OUR adventure we stick with what we know.  It’s AWESOME!!

#4. I secretly needed every single one of his sensory toys and pieces of equipment more than he did.  Swings, trampolines, fidget toys, sqoosh chairs and squeeze machines weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

#5. I know how to make him feel better.  I can pick out the stuff going on that is likely the cause of his frustration.  I would never have known the core of what brings me down if it wasn’t for having my sweet son.   Sometimes, it’s a golden moment of just wanting ME.  I can do that.  24/7 I can do that.  It consists of me laying or sitting with him.  He stims usually by vocalization and I enjoy the cuddles or sights of his big blue eyes and adorably soft curves of his sweet cheeks.

#6. When Max says he needs help he is really just wanting me to watch him succeed after whatever it takes to do it himself.  How cool is that???  Is that an autism thing?  Not sure…but it’s a Max thing.

#7. He likes my singing.  I used to wish I could be Shania Twain.  That’s never going to happen..but Max thinks I’m a star.  Ok so his favourite is the tones I use at the end of ABC…that qualifies as Idol material I’m pretty sure.  He has signed “more” for that ABC ending “more” than anything I’ve ever seen.

#8. He made me realize that all my little hang ups about what people think mean nothing.  Yup, nothing.  You simply need to know what’s right, and kind, and good and share it with those you love.  Be an example of that when you’re out in the world…if anyone can’t get that it’s their loss….let it go.   Let it go far, far away.

#9. Nothing goes out of style.  If Castle Marbleworks was his favourite 4 years ago and you find it in a garage sale…darn tootin you’ll make his day by bringing it home.  BONUS points if you play Baby Babble while he plays with it.  Anything featured in Baby Babble will be gold here.  You know that feeling when your 5 year old seems to slowly be growing up and then BOOM they don’t want to hold your hand anymore??  Well Max has slowed time for me,  AHHHHHH mommy’s comfort zone…extended version.

#10. When Max is done with something or someone he either signs “all done” or waves goodbye …I REALLY want to be like him.  I really do…I might…and I’m sorry if you’re offended….but Max has taught me to just be real.  Be real.  Be proud.  Be accepting of differences.  Do the things you LOVE only.  Do them over and over….cuz, why not??

There’s more than 10 reasons I’m lucky…but I’m “all done”



2 thoughts on “Why I’m lucky to have a child on the Autism spectrum

    1. Absolutely genuine and I fear if I start waving goodbye as he does when I’m tired of interaction, people will be offended often hehe. What if I wave goodbye instead of the first hello. Hehe. Thank you so much for your comment!


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