Mountain views…

The neighbour across the street is selling their home.  I’m sure our arrival had nothing to do with that, but events such as the ones that took place tonight always make me wonder.  Their ad boasts a mountain view from their backyard…I wonder what they say about the front….

I’m sure it’s just a boy thing and will tag this post accordingly.  Just 5 year old typical boy stuff.  My husband had just finished changing our son.  He went up to get him ready for bed as he was still in his room.  He found him standing on his loft bed facing the window…naked.

His bed has the best view of the street.  It’s great for traffic both vehicles and the active folk walking and running by.   Max LOVES watching cars zoom past.  He has recently mastered “knocking” on his window.  I’m certain he gets people to look up at him then smiles and waves his very stiff arm wave.  Well tonight if they looked up at the right time they just may have witnessed a very cute little 5 year old boy standing on his bed naked….peeing on his window.

And so we say goodnight this Friday and look foreward to 2 weeks of Easter break.  From our family to yours …good luck.


Picture Day


Today was picture day at Maxim’s school!   I told Max the photographer might tell him to “say cheese” and he should smile.  I told him to show me a happy face and he looked up at me with a very text book smile. :-).  He doesn’t always listen like that or give me a smile on command.  When you do manage to get him where you want and he looks at you without grabbing the camera he takes amazing pictures!!

I smoothed his hair to one side and sprayed it down as much as I could without coating his peanut butter toast.   To be honest I did his hair kinda wild but he immediately mashed it down.  Studious is a super cool look also.

When we arrived the stack of photo forms made me think of ours stacked neatly on a pile of important stuff at home.  Of course they had me covered with an extra and I happened to have cash to cover them.  It’s a good 30 minutes home and back so thankfully I’ve established myself as the forgetful type and they’re ready for me hehe. One of Maxim’s classmates was dressed in costume.  I can’t tell you how much joy this gives me.  This place is so warm and welcoming and embraces the unique qualities in our precious kids.

I can’t wait to pick him up and hear how it went!  Last year we hit the jackpot when this expression was captured professionally.Of course we purchased a full package -this image is gold

Of course we purchased a full package -this image is gold!!