About to Crack…

So just when things get good, all sorts of things come crashing down.  First I’m sick…like lose your voice and feel run over sick.  I don’t know how many times you need to repeat and redirect your kids but I have to A LOT.  Without a voice I’m just a mouse chasing big cats.  Two big cuddly but crazy cats.

This past weekend I decided to get Max into the kitchen with me.  I actually don’t get in there to do too much so why not bring a pal and see what happens?  Well it turns out he loves cracking eggs.  What a great idea!  Teach your lil guy who is addicted to cracking open kinder eggs how to crack a real egg.  This was likely one of my least brilliant moments in parenting.  I’ve had quite a few. But this one was downright ridiculous.  I refuse to go on water slides or ski and many other things that I see as far too risky.  But here I am throwing caution to the wind with a carton of delicate oval shaped bits of sloppy goo.

He now keeps his stool aimed at the cupboard where it all started.  A constant reminder that he will be back.

So far we have made cookies, pancakes (twice), french toast, a few we didn’t do anything with…oops, and cheesecake (ok truth be told I made that on my own to help me deal).  He has attempted to take his stool to the fridge where he might be thinking of reaching the eggs on his own.  Today when I got them out he grabbed one and pushed me away directing me to put the rest back.  As if he were limiting himself.   He lightly thumped and clunked the egg on the bowl that is now THE bowl he will want to use to crack eggs every single time.  It’s in the video I took of him doing it the first time so must be recreated perfectly.   Anyway, of course this is all fun and games and wonderful that he is so excited to help in the kitchen.  Is there a but?  Of course there’s a but!!!!  He now wants to crack eggs EVERY SINGLE DAY..ok it’s only been a few days.  But speaking from past experience I would reckon (reckon hahhah what am I a cowboy) this will be the case.  I will bet you a dozen eggs.

And to put a cherry on it,  I got a letter from the school that there has been a case of lice in our daughter’s classroom.  NOOOOOOOOO  My husband told me to put my big girl pants on.  This from the man that had to drive home while at work one summer day to get a tick off of me.  I completely lost it.  Lice would require a team of experts to come in and deal, as I would pass out in a pile of mayo, tea tree oil and various kill kits.  No.  This cannot happen here.  I just can’t deal with that.  I feel as if I’m almost daring the universe by typing this.  Of course I’d deal with it. But I’d cry a lot and spend a lot of money on every possible removal trick.

I kept my kids home today to inspect them.  NOTHING!  But this doesn’t mean we are safe.  The lice of today sound like a very shifty, tight “nit” operation.  They are gluing themselves a family to your head.  They will not go without a fight.  Am I a fool to think she won’t get it?  Once one has it do they usually all get it?  Will it look bad if I suddenly stop walking her into school..or worse, show up clad in shower caps and aiming a natural oil spray at anyone’s head who comes too close?Someone tell me …should I homeschool??  So many things point to homeschool and now one more.  The problem is I have the attention span of …wait what was I saying?

Yeah, so I’m sick, I’ve got egg all over the place and a horrible case of the heebie jeebies.




I remember about a week after our daughter was born I told my husband that maybe one was enough? I was tired and overwhelmed. She would sleep through the night at just 4 weeks old. It would be then that I felt things were “too easy”. I could sense there was one more little soul meant to be with us. There was. It was her little brother, Max.


Maddy is an amazing child. Creative and excited about life. She’s already smarter than me at 6 years old. 😦  It’s true.  She wasn’t really thrilled to have someone else needing her mommy. It was a long time before she wanted more to do with him than push him down. Max didn’t really need help with crashing to the floor. He is still pretty unpredictable when steering through life. He will walk backwards fast and playfully, whip around and smack into the wall. He will trip ..on nothing. He will hit his head on the corner of the counter almost every time. It’s pretty tough keeping him bruise and bump free. More than once I’ve said he needs a helmet. So having a 1 and 2 year old was a lot. One was determined to conquer the younger. The other had no idea what she was plotting or how to defend himself.sisters
There came a day when I caught Max “teasing” his sister. I had to hold back my cheers and try to direct his behaviour. But hey, it was finally pay back!!
I’ve reached a point where I witness more sweet moments than horrifying ones. For our son, his sister is his only real friend. She knows his likes and dislikes. She knows how to make him laugh ..and cry. She teaches him things I can’t. Like crashing on the mattress in a series of wild moves. (He modifies them to suit his capabilities).   Maddy tells me when Max smells poopy or sneaks off with the iPad.
She hears him cry from across the house.  She knows what he wants when I can’t figure it out. After his birthday he got so much joy out of us walking in with the cake while singing Happy Birthday that this little gal did at least 100 walk ins with the stacking cake while singing all to please him and make him smile.  She would even make him “say something” first.  She also steals his favourite toys and hides them for life. But nobody is perfect.


I know he will always have another kid who cares about him. Who has his back. What a big deal. To know he has a friend with a big voice and a big heart who will be there always. What a job my dear girl has. I know she doesn’t always want it. She has to give up the spotlight a lot so tries so hard to get it when she can. It can’t be easy. Max has had special appointments she wanted so much to be part of. I still admire the people in his life who would work so hard to make sure she felt special too. I don’t know what it’s like to have a younger sibling or to have a sibling with special needs. I have a great pair of little ones. One who won’t talk. One who won’t stop :-). It’s such a fun balance of holy hell and hallelujah.  Each makes the other make sense.


We have great joy in this house. Big laughs. Big cries. It can be a bit of a roller coaster hour to hour. Then some days can be easy and carefree. It’s life. We all do it. When you’re in a muddle just remember that  all the days mushed together will make sense. They’ll be the story of your life.  The beginning. The middle. The end. It comes down to the stuff we toss in with the ups and downs.  Those things that mean the most and pull it all together.  That stuff you put your heart into. That stuff you do to improve someone else’s time through it all. Ahhh that’s it. It’s not about you. It’s about making life easier for each other. Just like Miss Maddy does for Max.  That’s the good stuff.