Merry Christmas!!

Christmas time. It’s when I think about the knotted lights and smell of the gaudy blue garland in our decorations growing up. How I would never decorate my tree the same but I would never want that memory scratched out.

I remember the year my dad and brother constructed a giant star out of rebar and fashioned it with lights to the top of our house.  I remember my Grandpa’s fudge and how I would discreetly discard the spit out raisins on the side of the plate. I also discovered my Aunt discreetly eating the “extra” raisins. But I’m not supposed to tell that story hehehe.

How the big get togethers may involve your favourite aunt and your sister you miss so much. Your brother who will likely call you turd and that stack of fresh buns a favourite lady makes.

There will be awkward silences when you will stuff your face with a piece of mystery meat and limp pickle just to get by. There will be no toilet paper and headaches and laughter. Someone will smell like garlic. They will sit by you. There will be looks across the room that say “start the car”.

Someone will get into the wine and start snorting when they laugh. Somebody’s fly will be open. Someone else will stack their plate as though it was their last meal and another will skip all gluten and talk to you about removing it from your son’s diet.

I am too warm, my face is red and I’m wondering how long I could hide somewhere on my own without anyone noticing. Someone is sick and has successfully passed it to you.

There will be drives home and sleigh spotting.  Maybe your Dad will let you “drive”.  Maybe your mom will sing “Silver Bells”. Maybe you are the mom and wonder how you got here?  Who are these people??  🙂 There will be forgotten toys, forgotten names and leftovers. You will plan to get together more often while thinking up ways to get out of it.  You will go over conversations and comments and wish you had loaded your pocket with homemade poppycock.  You will find a clearance tag sticking out of you clearance top and wonder if anyone saw it. They did. And you are now part of their funny stories.  Good. Get a laugh-be a laugh. It’s Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!!

  1. BONWA this was brilliant! This should have been in the newspaper! Wish I had read it sooner…it’s the type of thing that paints a picture of everyone’s christmas with their family, and is warm and cozy but comical. Loved this!


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