All I Want For Christmas…

Max was born on New Year’s Eve…one of the most exciting nights of the year!  New Year’s Eve is huge cuz you get to reinvent yourself. OR, maybe you’re already “finished”.  Your meringue is perfect and your hair always goes right.  Awesome! I still attempt to change things a bit here and there.   Anyway…..This means there is exactly 6 sleeps from the time he opens his Christmas presents to his special day.  Should make for an extra LONG wish list…
Maxims Christmas/Birthday list 2014

#1 Trackmaster trains.  He wants trains.  Preferably ones that he has seen in a video.  Max gets extreme joy out of reenacting stuff he sees in videos.  He likes to do it exactly the same over and over.  He will use props like fresh battery packages to stand in for new trains if, for some reason,GASP!?! I have no new trains to give him(I know how cheap right?) and he will make me do the voices of this one guy that buys his son every single new Thomas train ever invented. Trains are showcased like the Price is Right. Then they open them. This family is Maxims ultimate “alter family” for sure 🙂 If you’re thinking there’s no way a child who doesn’t speak can make his mommy play the man character from a video, you’re wrong.  Imagine Donald Trump, your grandma and Oprah-it’s that combo of obvious style, intrigue, adoration, the slightest whiff of cookies and humble ability to rule the world. Just makes you do stuff.
#2. An endless box of kinder eggs to unwrap while watching the YouTube guy unwrap his kinder eggs too. Hey kinder egg guy did you know they are at least $1 per egg? And he doesn’t ever eat the chocolate. It’s a dollar of thin foil paper being removed -picked away in small pieces -egg opened -chocolate a smeary mush -toy dumped-the end. Did you know how satisfying it would be for a little boy to watch you unwrap your delicious chocolate egg with super cool figure inside while ALSO unwrapping his very own egg?? Who are you? I’m certain you have some connection to this company …I’m onto you egg man.


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