Tomato, Banana, and a Carrot


I love taking Max out and about. Mostly cuz he makes people smile. Some smiles are out of total surprise at his sounds and big, big eyes. Some are in recognition of his obviously pure heart and soul.

My favourite place to go with him is the fruit and vegetable aisle of any grocery store. Preferably not when he’s sleepy or expecting to be heading home to his train table!

His appreciation for curves and shapes isn’t limited to the cute mannequins at La Senza ~ he adores the feel of a nice tomato smooth and round or a cold, bumpy carrot.  One night, he went so far as to take his favourite carrot to bed. It wasn’t as cuddly in the morning.carrot

I load him into the cart and we’re on our way. When we near the most appealing piles of produce he will stick his lil fist out with a big “guh” . Oooo what child doesn’t love to pick a big fresh tomato to cradle while shopping with their mommy?? Oh, not yours? Hmm…interesting. He picks his favourite and will keep it until checkout where I have to explain he will need it back. Like right now. To eat you ask?? No, no, not to eat. Just to love and hold. Kinda like your spouse. Or a friend.


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