Kids are pretty know who else is cool?  Grandmas….

My dad passed away 6 days before my lil’ lady was born. Mom has been there for us from the beginning. Through her first year alone offering strength and wisdom. The next when sweet Max came along and the following year when things would get interesting. She would show up at the crack of dawn to let me sleep after Max had been up through the night. When my hubby was away a lot she would give me a much needed break. From sleep overs to mowing the lawn. Even waving as we went off to Hawaii leaving her with 2 kids…2 cats…a dog..and an epic snowstorm on a huge corner lot. Sorry about that again momma 🙂 But I DID bring you a hula girl and a starfish Santa. You’re welcome…

I lost count of the times I collapsed on her shoulder after returning from another appointment. The kind where it was said in big clear poky words “your son has significant challenges” . OOF… I prefer the sugar coating I get with friends and family. Cold, hard, reality is exactly that. But you shake it off before climbing back into the cozy bubble of your life.

One thing I’ve found is that you need other people who see your child as you do. I always tell Max “I see you”. He nods at me. Grandma sees you too Max. She knows you like secrets and sugar cookies. She knows you like to have time in your “office” with your trains. She knows you will do everything in time if given patience and encouragement and Kinder Eggs.
No matter what obstacles you encounter, you are unstoppable with her hand to hold onto.

Thanks mom.gramma


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